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Specializing in Chlorine Dioxide and water treatment applications

Chlorine Dioxide Consulting, Simplified….

Applied Industrial Oxidation, LLC. is a privately owned consulting company with the aim of improving knowledge and awareness surrounding the use of Chlorine Dioxide in water treatment applications throughout the industry.

We supply information from various sources to help potential customers understand the benefits that Chlorine Dioxide can bring to their processes, but we also offer consulting services to help you choose the best technology and generation methods for your specific needs.

Refer to our Services page here for more detail on what we offer. Also, feel free to look through the technical papers here to see how our industry experience is applied all over.

Oxidation chemistry has many uses in heavy industrial water treatment. The major ones are microbiological control, emulsion breaking, as well as H2S and phenol destruction.

There are several different oxidation chemistries that can perform these various jobs when properly applied. However, there are typically downsides to most of them, either safety, shelf-life, environmental or cost. While there is no universal panacea, there is one oxidizing chemistry that has been shown to be the best overall solution to most of these issues – chlorine dioxide (ClO2).

I specialize in chlorine dioxide and it’s applications as it relates to oilfield and heavy industry. Inside this site you’ll find basic information on generation technologies, treatment methods, applications as well as links to technical papers written by myself and others.

The idea is give you a basic understanding of what chlorine dioxide is and if you feel confident it may meet your needs, encourage you to call and discuss your requirements to see if this proven technology is a good fit.

– Garry D. Laxton (Owner)