I have 40 years of heavy industry water treatment experience, including the utility, refining, petrochemical and ammonia industries. My experience covers:

        1) Boiler

        2) Cooling water (open recirculating and once-through)

        3) Wastewater

            a) Dissolved Air Flotation

            b) Clarifiers

            c) Belt Press

            d) Plate and Frame Press

            e) Centrifuge

For the past 30 years, my work has focused on chlorine dioxide applications in the following areas

        1) Oil and Gas

            a) Frac water (Fresh & Produced water)

            b) Well Stimulation (Injection and Producing)

            c) Emulsion breaking (Gathering tanks and ponds)

        2) Heavy Industry

            a) Cooling Water (recirculating and once-through)

            b) Wastewater

        3) Design and Installation of ClO2 Equipment

            a) Chlorite Based

            b) Chlorate Based